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Data migration

Data migration reduces risk, minimizes common errors and cut down the total cost of data migration projects. It will help you to capitalize on strategic business investments while minimizing risks, for example, assume your business has merged with the main competitor or acquired it, or your IT organization needs to implement a new ERP or CRM application, it will help you to consolidate several applications to improve efficiency. These activities require a considerable investment. For obtaining quick benefit from your strategic business investments, you shall integrate your data into the application and ensure its quality to meet business needs. That is the purpose of data migration.



Technology. Computing offers software and tools to accelerate data migration and minimize errors.
Methodology. With the precision that practical experience gives, we provide a combination of techniques and best practices to successfully make your data migration project.
Full migration services. Benefit from expert IT consultants, as well as a rich association of partners that contribute with experience in data migration.


Areas of common data migration

Many business environments require data to be migrated from one system to another.