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SIAF - Financial Administrative Information System

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SIAF - Financial Administrative Information System

SIAF is an enterprise software solution designed for Ecuadorian companies. With SIAF you will achieve the control and efficiency that your organization needs. Additionally, it can be customized to suit the client, since we have the system sources. It contains more than 10 modules among which are: accounting, purchases, inventory, billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banks, taxes, payroll, shipments and digitalization of invoices.

  • Supports several

  • Management of multiple

  • - Queries through

  • Multiple branches in the billing and shipping modules.

  • Contemplate the unique customer
    code criteria.

  • It allows reports to be migrated to Excel or Word.

  • Online accounting for each

  • Use the robust and secure database as a repository

  • Generate XML files required by the SRI.

  • System Access Control, to assign tasks to users.

  • Wide variety of Reports and Queries in each of the modules.