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What is a ChatBot?

A ChatBot is a software that uses artificial intelligence functionalities which allows you to maintain a dialogue between person and robot. They are used in Social Network channels such as Facebook, Web Portal, Skype, etc.

SIPE ChatBot

Our software will give you the opportunity to interact better with your clients, this new channel will always be available through any device and is used to provide product and service information, resolve questions and inquiries, provide contact details, close sales, etc. This will lead to clear cost savings, reducing the operating cost by 20 to 40 times.

  • Works as a virtual assistant, simulates the experience of a Call Center.

  • Provides company information, such as offers of products and services, stores, telephones, etc.

  • Handles payment inquiries, airline flights, etc.

  • It works as a personal assistant.

  • In the Academic field it works as a reminder of homework, schedules, notes, etc.

  • It works as a personal trainer: exercise schedules, meal plan, etc.

  • For the commercial area it works as e-commerce (electronic commerce).

  • Allows you to make purchases and reservations online.