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What is the Supplier Portal?

Supplier Portal is a responsive web solution, which help you to manage your community of suppliers, with the main objective of streamlining and making the processes between your company and your suppliers more efficient. It consists of different modules such as: Tenders, Suppliers, Communications, Collections, Security, Purchase Orders, Transportation Control, Non-Electronic Invoice, Business Intelligence, among others.

  • Responsive portal adaptable to
    all mobile device.

  • Usability and
    “Look and feel”

  • - Queries through filters

  • Documents Handling, manuals,
    upload and download.

  • Easy to export in Excel
    and PDF formats.

  • Help Management and
    user's guide

  • Communication, allows to share messages and
    documents with Suppliers

  • Integration with SAP and
    other ERP systems

  • Presents a Graphical Interface with
    the latest technologies.

  • Ability to customize and improve functionalities