About us


Custom Software Solutions

We are SIPECOM S.A. a Software development company and provider of solutions in IT services, with a long history and experience in the technological field.

With 20 years in the Ecuadorian market, we know how to identify the problems of our customers, providing them with timely and satisfactory solutions because we have more than 90 high-level professionals, which allows us to act quickly presenting quality results.


Provide customer-tailored software solutions.

Using best practices, standards and technology in software’s development, to make our customers implement their ideas and manage their information more productively and secure.


Be the first choice of software development services.

Building innovative solutions that help improve our clients’ process, optimizing their cost and increasing their sales.

General Objectives

To be the first choice for the analysis, design and development of IT solutions that help improve the processes of our customers that contribute to optimize their costs and increase their sales.

Specific objectives

  • Implement quality certification processes for the company
  • Set up Software Factory Methodology
  • Expand client portfolio
  • Consolidate local market positioning
  • Increase customer retention rate
  • Reach top of mind in our clients and potential customers
  • Strengthen the corporate image and generate brand value
  • Permanent innovation of the product and service portfolio

Corporate Values


We achieved the objectives set in the scheduled time. Applying best practices that allow us to shorten processes with excellence in performance.


We make the effort to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality, in addition to the continuous updating of our processes.


We reward the trust that our clients give us, we rely on technological resources that allow us to keep the information received securely.


We promote and understand that the participation of work teams is essential for the achievement of organizational objectives.


We are permanently improving the professional development of all our collaborators, in the new technological trends.


We face challenges in a positive way and solve them in the best way, always based on the vision of solve.


All our activities are carried out with total transparency and rectitude.


We act accordingly, our actions coincide with what we manifest.