Supplier Portal

" The Supplier Portal enables you to automate purchasing processes by connecting suppliers directly to your company. Accelerate processes and don't waste time on unreceived communications. With the Supplier Portal you have all the information online "

Responsive Web Solution, which manages the relationship with suppliers, with the aim of streamlining and making processes between the company and its suppliers more efficient. It consists of different modules such as: Tenders, Suppliers, Communications, Collections, Security, Purchase Orders, Transportation Control, Non-Electronic Invoice, Business Inteligencie, among others.


SaaS y On Premise

Document handling, manuals, loading and downloading.

Easy to export in Excel and PDF formats

Queries using filters

View delivered, approved, paid invoices

Queries Purchase Requirements

Allows you to share messages, documents, with Suppliers

Connects internal users to suppliers

The solution includes Public, Supplier and Administrative Portals

Bidding Features, Suppliers, Communications, Security

Reasons to invest in our Supplier Portal

We customize the Portal.
Communication between customer and suppliers.
Agility in communications of new articles and features
Communication between customer and suppliers.
Automate Purchasing Processes.
Immediate, real-time access to your suppliers.
Improve Collaboration - Online
Third-party integration, ERP