Success Story: IT Outsourcing Service
  • Wednesday, 26 May 2021 15:55

Success Story: IT Outsourcing Service

The challenge (need)

Our leading customer in the processing and marketing of food products in Ecuador until 2019 operated its IT department with the necessary staff,

met day-to-day needs when they decided to innovate and improve business CORE productivity in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), an expert application development and high impact team was needed, maintaining the confidentiality of the company's internal processes. Starting in 2019, an Outsourcing project begins with 1 person in charge of application development on .NET, which evolved into 5 developers focused on different areas and projects.

Their need was to accelerate existing projects, develop new projects without losing the focus of negotiation by developing the requirements where it will adapt to the hybrid client infrastructure composed of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and tools like Teams.


The solution (implementation)

In the face of the challenge outlined above, our customer decides to acquire Outsourcing and have Sipecom as a strategic partner since 2019 starting with a person in the development of a web application, by 2020 new needs arise and new project increased the capacity of Outsourcing to 3 people driven by the pandemic and the desire to innovate we close 2020 with an Outsourcing team of 5 people with knowledge in different technologies web visual studio, python, app and more.

The entire Outsourcing team was able to work in a mixed scheme where the face-to-face and the remote were combined where the operation did not stop and Asiservy was always focused on its core business.

Sipecom Outsourcing was used to accelerate existing projects, develop new projects without losing the focus of the business with a team of good professionals could develop the requirements where we adapt to the hybrid infrastructure of the client composed of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and tools such as Teams.


The benefits

1. Drive digital transformation (AI, Machine Learning, IoT, RPA, Digital Twin, Blockchain, e-commerce).

2. Increase business productivity through technology.

3. Provide innovative software solutions without worrying about complicated contracting processes.

4. Facilitate the implementation of developments and integrations between areas.

5. With the Outsourcing service the processes were automated Its production and quality area reduced the use of paper by 90%.

6. Sipecom's human talent managed to share information between areas and have indicators that help in real-time decision-making.


The team achieved immediate accessibility to information without worrying about complex processes of getting developers with the desired experience and far fewer hires. The customer focused on his business and Sipecom performed the tasks with expert staff fulfilling a service of quality and confidence demonstrated during these 20 years of experience with our customers.

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