Success Story: Software Factory Service
  • Monday, 31 May 2021 20:05

Success Story: Software Factory Service

The challenge (need)

In addition to providing IT solutions with its products, Sipecom S.A also offers IT solutions and services, one of which is the software factory. Among its customers to which several products were implemented, it was necessary to offer its factory service to meet needs.

One of our customers with the greatest innovation in the market and a leader in the pharmaceutical and consumer sector through Pharmaceutical Distribution and Pharmacy Development required to improve the time of their projects, deliveries with timetables, architecture and agile methodology. A permanent solution so that you can prioritize internal processes and have specific teams and attend to your projects.

With our customer we started implementing our e-invoicing product, with such a resounding success, that they found in us a provider of end-to-end IT solutions, including the software factory, to drive their projects with contracted hours, with an orderly and proactive flow.


The solution (implementation)

Faced with the challenge exposed above, Sipecom S.A presents a proposal for a software factory to attend to the client's projects, working to attend under the modality of factory hours. We have all the equipment for our software factory solution.

Today our software factory is made up of more than 60 collaborators specialized in various programming languages and agile methodologies, able to attend, support and work the technological projects of the client. We are currently working on several projects at the same time led by PM'S of our factory which is responsible for managing the integral project and working under a scheme of projects with delivery times, so that the final product is delivered, with the correct architecture, revised, tested and with the optimal operation in its production.


The benefits

It obtained greater speed and agility in the development since it had contracted hours ready for use, at the same time that they reduced the operating costs per contract of resources. One of the important innovations was the use of the software factory service only when requested. The quality of the works delivered was also maximized since the projects went through the entire stage of the factory (IDP, Architecture, development, QA, QC and support). Investment processes in equipment and a physical project site were significantly reduced. It minimized operational efforts, as the client's participation was reduced to the validation of the processes received and their production, as well as the risks in the fulfillment of the projects by having a dedicated team focused on their development.

Finally, by having a contract responsibility, they were able to better organize their budgets, contacting a cost planning that helped significantly to improve both the administrative and operational.

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