Success Story: Invoicec Pymes
  • Wednesday, 02 June 2021 17:24

Success Story: Invoicec Pymes

The challenge (need)

Two years ago, the company of one of our small and medium-sized clients made its invoices physically because it did not have electronic billing software, this generated printing difficulties, computer design of vouchers, signing such vouchers and delivering physical invoices to its various customers.

In addition, store and organize physical vouchers such as Invoices, withholding vouchers, credit notes, debit notes, etc. for your subsequent tax return in the SRI.

For this reason, our client urgently a software that meets the following requirements: Quick to implement, easy to learn and economical. After making quotes with some options, We offered you our services of the Electronic Invoicing System that met the requirements, among other things.


The solution (implementation)

Faced with the challenge outlined above, our strategic partner contacted SIPECOM. In this way he informed us that he was urgently requiring the electronic invoicing system and that he wanted a quick installation. 

In order to go into production with our system, it was essential for them to have an electronic invoice of type export, in this way SIPECOM S.A. undertook to comply, without any additional cost, As required by the customer and implement the invoice export in THE CLOUD system INVOICEC PYMES.

In the transition from physical to electronic invoicing there were novelties that were overcome thanks to the advice and support that the SIPECOM S.A. team gave in a timely manner. Regarding the apprentice to the platform, our client told us that it did not take long to adapt to the invoice creation scheme on a website, even the operational staff did not have complications in learning.


The benefits

Have the information stored, speed at the time of issuance of documents and better control at the time of tax reporting.

Currently, the customer is giving greater attention and importance to electronic platforms.

“When the pandemic came, it was gratifying to know that he was prepared to continue his billing and not have the need to print physical bills. It was a good tool to overcome the pandemic and continue working without significantly affecting the company's stability.” Pymes Client 2021

Due to the pandemic, the company decreased sales volume, but through e-invoicing they were able to continue billing their customers and manage their sales information quickly and quickly.


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