Success Story: SIPe-commerce
  • Monday, 14 June 2021 17:36

Success Story: SIPe-commerce

The challenge (need)

Generacom S.A., with its IT training service specialized in technology courses offers its services to professionals and corporate clients in 2 modalities, in the client's offices or in their own offices, which currently has 3 large classrooms and equipped with quality technology.

The offer of face-to-face and online courses, with face-to-face courses being the most required, focused on imparting knowledge of new technologies, programming languages and IT solution tools.

A beginning of 2020 a new reality began due to the pandemic that was hitting the regions globally. Our client, already having a scheme of virtual classes, was able to quickly adapt the scheme of his trainings that had already been acquired.

Despite being able to virtualize quickly, the market began to contract and its sales fell for 3 main reasons, professionals did not want to invest in training, customers did not trust the effectiveness of virtual classes and there was no normal mobility to approach face-to-face training.


The solution (implementation)

Faced with the challenge outlined above, we set ourselves 2 main objectives, to sell their trainings at the Latin American level and migrate to an agile payment type that will facilitate our customers at a regional level. To meet these objectives our client asked us to migrate from an informative website to an e-commerce site to be able to market their products in Ecuador and Latin America and in turn to obtain different payment gateways for local and international customers.

The SIPE-COMMERCE product was the solution provided by SIPECOM S.A. to meet the needs of the client.

In just 1 week the platform was delivered to the customer for customization and loading of products/services. Being a customizable platform, our client was able to adapt all their front-end needs of the store and ask for the development of new payment methods.


The benefits

The benefits that the training company achieved by using our SIPE-COMMERCE product were clear:

The company adapted to the new modality of electronic commerce and was able to offer its trainings in other cities locally, in addition to expanding its markets to professionals from Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Increasing its sales and starting to publicize its brand regionally.

Thanks to SIPE-COMMERCE the company can create promotions and coupons to encourage the purchase of its online courses and customize its content. It has acquired the ability to market through different payment gateways that works nationally and internationally, the payment methods chosen by the company were PayPal and PayPhone that adapt to its core business.

On the other hand, being a product of SIPECOM S.A. it is constantly updated, which has allowed the customer to enjoy new functionalities, integration plugins and the security of their information.

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