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Success Story: MTRA

The challenge (need)

Our client, a nationally recognized financial institution, had the need to ensure and guarantee its customers the transfer of internal information and external third parties in a secure manner

and with certain functionalities to comply with the security standards and processes that by regulations were regulated in superintendency of banks; in addition to having features of understanding, encryption and centralized monitoring, optimizing its costs and operating times.

They had to look for a tool that allows them to potentiate these tasks, a technological tool that would allow them to improve their processes and innovate in the face of the need presented. They decided to look for the options of the market and by focusing on a specific feature of attention and support 24/7 we participated in the process and in the end we presented a proposal of our product.


The solution (implementation)

In response to the above challenge, Sipecom S.A. successfully implemented THE MTRA MFT product in 2018 at the client, in addition to providing training to the Security staff on the use of the tool and its processes for compliance with regulations. This integration with its Core Banking enabled file transfers in critical processes to be faster in the production environment. Sensitive information is transmitted quickly and securely, generating savings in costs and time.

MTRA MFT is a centralized B2B on-site or cloud Web application, monitoring and managing secure file transfer from multiple sites or applications, thus allowing our client to control and manage the transfer of files internally and externally to the organization. it also allowed you to define tasks and schedule them according to your convenience and helped external users access files through a WebSite of downloads.


The benefits

Economic revenues were not direct. However, the decrease in operating times meant a decrease in the amount of man hours by approximately 30% less man hours and with better results in quality,” explains project management.

It was largely generated to take control of transmitted files indicating the status of their transfers and their results.

The use of manual operation tasks, running automatically and scheduled, was eliminated. The information to be transmitted was protected through encryption processes and depending on the medium on which it is transmitted, Web, Mail or FTP, increasing the level of reliability of the file.

Being a locally developed software, I can be customized to the customer.

In the Electronic Invoicing module was integrated, securely direct to the SRI via webservices.

In addition to the Electronic Signature module, which securely allows you to send digitally signed files.

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