" The most robust and secure transactional solution on the Ecuadorian market "

It is the digital representation or electronic issue of a type of tax voucher such as Invoices, Retention Vouchers, Credit Notes, Debit, Referral Guides and Purchase Settlement.
Our solution, allows the natural integration with THE SRI and with the application systems of the clients like the ERP's Manages the sending and receiving of digitally signed electronic documents, such as invoices, credit notes, debit memos, withholding vouchers, Procurement and Services Referral and Settlement Guides.

How do we do it?

It handles various electronic document submission schemes such as Online, Individual Batch and Bulk Batch, with a high level of security. It is based on the file transmission platform called MTRA developed by SIPECOM, high transactionality and that is operating in several financial institutions in Ecuador. This makes it possible to secure and guarantee the mass transfer of electronic documents.


Digital Signature Support

Electronic Documents in XML and PDF format

Document Receiving Module

Bank Security Level.

Multi-thread handling.

Reasons to invest in a Business Electronic Billing project.

Reduce economic losses due to security failures of transmitted files.
Implement operations centralization based on best practices.
Improve security and confidentiality with business partners, customers, and suppliers.
Compliance with regulatory or legal obligations.
Supports any transactional increase and file exchange size.
Significantly improve services to customers, suppliers and business partners
Security in the files that are transmitted, additional can also be invoices, roles, purchase orders, financial statements, price list, payments, etc.