Security Framework

" Manage the security of applications on any platform, reduce your operating costs, easily configure access to your critical applications, and quickly manage security with our Security Framework."


It is a product that allows you to manage the security of applications on any platform, reduce your costs, ensure access to your critical applications and manage security centrally.

• Minimize operational risk
• Centralized application
• Managed by the Security Area.


Increased security.

Integration with internal and external applications

Customization and local support

Cross-platform support.

Easy to maintain

Audit Control

Audit record for each transaction.

Development toolbox.

Uses Standard technology, such as XML and Web Services.

Standardizes enterprise applications in a single security format

Developed under the Windows platform, with programming language ASP.NET, MVC and SQL Server.

Reasons to invest in a Security Framework

Significantly improves safety processes and standards, defined by standards such as COBIT, BCRA, ISO27001, etc.
Allows revenue increases, if you want to achieve cross-selling in a portal safely.
Improves user productivity by better managing their permissions, accesses and passwords.
Lower the cost of development, as the platform enables faster development of .NET applications
Lower cost of maintenance, sources code can be changed by the customer (toolbox only).
New applications can be created with this state-of-the-art technology, which allows to maintain the value of applications developed for at least 5-15 years